Inter-faith Conversation MormonI look forward to getting to know you, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.  Inter-faith friendships can strengthen each of us and enable us to better understand one another, and to walk along side one another as we grow in our knowledge of truth, and of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to email me at karen@ibelievepodcast dot com or follow us on our social media sites (See below).

If you don’t yet know God or Jesus Christ, we welcome your friendship as well.  I’d love to know what your views or concerns are about faith, family, the world, and hopefully we engage in discussions of faith and in things that matter eternally, civilly together.  We can get to know one another.

So whether you are agnostic, Catholic, Protestant (mainline or Evangelical), Buddhist, Jewish, a pan-antheist, atheist, spiritual but not religious, or Church-going Christian of any faith, I’d also love to get to know you and to engage with you.

You’re invited to the table. As Jesus says, “Come and see.”  I’d love to be your spiritual friend.

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Warmest regards in your quest for happiness and knowledge of the meaning of life,


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