Welcome! I’d love your feedback in response to any of these topics below in 1-2 minute audio files recorded from your mobile phone, notebook, or computer and sent to us as an MP3, or via email: karen@ibelievepodcast.com. Or ask a question of your own.  You’ll notice that the questions intersect faith traditions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

I Believe Interfaith1) If you are a non-believer in God, how did your stance evolve?  Were you once a believer?

2) What is your story of leaving the faith of your fathers/mothers, if you did.  Have you journeyed elsewhere?

3) If you are Christian, where did God show up for you today? What supernatural things have you seen recently in your life, evidencing His presence, care, personal knowledge of you?

4) If you believe God is actually “nature,” how did you arrive at that conclusion?

5) How do you listen to God and hear His voice? What is that like for you?  Share an experience or example.

6) If you are Wiccan, or Pantheist, or Panantheist, how did you arrive there and what are you experiencing?

7) If Christian, what is the value of commandments?

8) If atheist or agnostic, how did you come to your position? What was your journey?

9) If you are Christian, would you kindly share your witness of Jesus Christ, your thoughts and feelings in regard to His ministry, power, healing, love, atonement, or Resurrection?

10) If Christian, how have you been guided by the Lord in a recent decision?

11) What was your journey like from New Age religion or Easter religion or any spiritually blended or syncretic faith to Jesus Christ?

12) Submit a question of your own on faith that we can answer.

13) Would you like to ask a spiritual question that’s been nagging at you or that a friend has been asking that you’ve been wondering about how to approach?


I’ll contact those submitters whose responses are being considered for use on future casts, and will respond to questions submitted here.  I so look forward to getting to know many of you listening in and engaging the conversation through the podcast: I Believe: Expressions of Faith.

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