Welcome to the podcast series! I Believe: Expressions of Faith is extended to all interested truth-seekers–agnostics, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious, intellectually struggling, friends of all faiths seeking to know about life’s meaning, Christianity, or Christ’s Church.

Mormon I Believe Podcast

I’m so looking forward to having audience with you and getting to know you. I’m Karen, an ordinary woman, mother of two, with a passion for inspiring others and pursuing a life of truth and faith in Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, please hop aboard this cast. Lost? Agnostic? Unhappy? Christian but still searching? I’ve been there and come through the tunnel of unbelief to belief.

I’ve felt God’s hand, been touched over and over again with His presence. God and Jesus Christ have changed my life. In fact, saved my life–physically, and spiritually.  Will you join me as we talk about what matters? What doesn’t? As we laugh and maybe cry together? As we explore God, truth, womanhood, and get real? Life gets messy. There are answers. There is hope. There is peace. There is a God. Let’s come to know Him better together. Love to hear from you. God bless you in your journey. You can reach me at karen@ibelievepodcast.com, through Twitter, Facebook or this site contact’s form. You can also contact Karen by leaving a message after the second recording on this toll-free number 85KNOWGOD1 with sincere questions and prayer requests— Karen

Style: Personal, real, and focused, based on applied gospel principles, lived experiences, and shared against the backdrop of contemporary culture.

Dip In: Here, host and guests will speak to the implications of faith in Jesus Christ, His uniqueness among other gods, and how that faith shakes out in the kaleidoscope of everyday life…Anyone interested can dip their feet at any point along their spiritual journey.

Topics: Regular casts will offer spotlights on the very conception of truth, drawing from the Word of God; it’s reliability; insights on Christian living; scriptural devotionals; holiday messages, special features on navigating the challenges of our culture; womanhood, the meaning of life, God’s eternal plan of happiness, the restoration of the Savior’s Church to the earth; Press Plaza (lay responses to select news items), interviews, and more..

 Hosted by Karen Trifiletti, Philadelphia-born, second generation Italian, who describes herself as a “perfectly imperfect but graced follower of Christ. Karen is 1980-convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mother of two, writer, business professional. Karen has completed a Masters Degree and some doctoral work in Human and Organization Behavior which only amounts to a little bit of not much.






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I Believe Expressions of Faith Audio & Video Producer: 

Andrew Hancock is from sunny Southern California.  After serving a two year service mission for his church he graduated with a business degree from BYU in Provo Utah.  He has been involved in film production for several years and has worked with several successful YouTube channels and freelance projects.  He has won local film competitions and has a documentary short premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in Early 2013.  He produces the video content for I Believe Podcast.  He can be reached for business inquiries at hancocktheapp@gmail.com.


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