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You’ve Got Mail

by Karen R. Trifiletti

Wonder where you are today as you’ve come across this cast. Welcome! Hope you’ll stay. I’ve got a word for you but more important, God has something to say to you, just to you, today. Did you get the memo? Stick around.

Hey, you’ve got mail!!

Do you, like me, admittedly sometimes get flickers of anticipation when expecting a message from someone you care about through social media, email, a phone call, or sometimes even something handwritten in snail mail?  Most of us wouldn’t go very long without checking our mail.

I must confess that I feel the same way about checking my scriptural mail. As I open the scriptures daily, I think, in a way, “You’ve Got Mail.” And I wonder what God has to say to me today. Do you? I encourage you today to open your scriptures. If you don’t have a set, you might want to secure a set or contact us for a free copy.  I witness that God has mail for you today. If you haven’t ever tried, I challenge you today to dive into the Word. For me, I grew up without them and when I discovered the Bible and more, it was like water in a desert, and I marveled at how God preserved truth through the ages, for you and me…

I witness that His messages never get hung up in the network. And, hooray! we don’t have to sort through and delete those from other unwanted advertisers–they are all from the One perfectly selfless Sponsor worthy of our trust.  “Every word of God is pure,” reads one verse from Proverbs.

These divine mailgrams come to us not in some undecipherable code but in a language we can understand–one compatible with our own spiritual ability and even preferences. Yes, they appear perfectly formatted for each of us–it’s why the word of God is “quick and powerful.”

Gotta love it–no password needed, just one beautiful, continual, available network of messages–messages that define our experience before we can; messages that show us how to manage our lives, our callings, our professions; messages to show us how to dot our i’s and cross our t’s; how to overcome; how to see things we’ve never seen; to have hope; to find peace; to develop faith in Christ; to overcome fear; to know the way is right-or wrong; to find the strength to carry on to “continue in steadfastness in Christ.”

I promise that there are all types of messagesBible Study mormon waiting for you. I’ve thought of the kinds I’ve received; it’s as if some of these divine messages come with their own kind of celestial stamp. Some, for example, seem to be sent overnight–stamped “Evening Express”– and reach you perhaps in the morning after a dark or thoughtful night, bringing you the dawn. Some seem to be stamped “Urgent”–carrying immediate instructions for perplexing situations and critical needs. Others seem marked, “Special Delivery”–carrying a principle or pattern of import for a special talk, occasion, need.

You may find a verse that offers a “Proposal”–offering a much welcomed solution to an intractable problem. You will find those seemingly marked “Personal and Confidential”–offering the inside story to an outward event we’re trying to figure out; others marked “Please Circulate” or “Please Forward”–with content you know is meant to be shared with a sister, friend, or daughter.

At other moments, we see verses with the stamp “Paid in Full”–those providing insight into the Savior’s amazing sacrifice. In other instances, you’ll be pleasantly surprised or rewarded with a message lettered with “Just for You,” as if to say that no one else would really get this in quite the same way.

Some messages seem simply stamped with a Magic Marker smiley-face in the margin or above the verse, indicating something like: “I knew you’d be traveling this way today.” Others are marked “FYI”–illustrating just how that certain something I’ve been contemplating really “fits in” with the bigger picture.  I believe there’s a stamp equivalent to “Imagine That!” for those verses that reveal something just so spectacular or that uncover something once so elusive or especially desired.

If you haven’t begun to trust God’s words, I invite you to do so. He’ll turn the light on and shine it on His messages for you. You will hear His voice. All we have to do is to strive to do His will, seek Him, retrieve our mail and import it to our hearts and minds. It’s more than a virtual reality. It’s real and lasting part of our journey through this mortal space. God is with you. If you turned your back on Him or don’t know Him, seek, start here, and I promise you will hear His voice and  feel His signature across the pages of your life as I have mine.

So check your mail today. Thank your spiritual Provider. And then please, oh please, message Him back.  Need help? Call or drop us a line. God bless you on your spiritual journey.

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