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What I Believe, Part 1

Hi. Are you working out today and tuned in? I need to. Or are you in the car on your way home from work? or carpooling?  Thanks for being here.

So for this cast I created an honest resource, a starting point, if you will, of core beliefs that I hold as  Christian woman and member of the Savior’s Church. This is by no means exhaustive as truth is not exhaustive, but represents some essential truths in which I believe.  I’d love to engage and befriend those of all faiths, so please join in the conversation or feel free to reach me. Other casts will address these and other subjects that really matter more fully, and that can help build faith and knowledge of God’s plan for each of us.

Okay, so here are 35 points reflecting what I believe….

▪   I believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are separate and real beings, with tangible glorified bodies, and that the Holy Ghost is a spirit personage who bears witness of them and all truth.

▪    I believe that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and Savior of the world, that His atonement (suffering for our sins, mistakes, infirmities, and pains unto death) and His resurrection are literal and real; that He is not “just” a man, but born of a Heavenly Being–our Father in Heaven– and an earthly being, Mary.

▪    I believe that as we accept His sacrifice and grace and follow Him and His path, we can be saved and exalted. To be exalted is to live the kind of life that He and the Father live and be in their presence, and with redeemed loved ones forever.

▪   I believe that Jesus Christ will come again as King of Kings, and is a vested Advocate in my life and our lives, giving us grace–or enabling power through His atonement– as we strive to obey Him.

▪    I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in its fullness.  I believe that there was a loss of truth and of God’s authority to act in His behalf after the death of the Savior and the apostles, and that while noble Reformers strove to reconstruct and piece back together original truths Jesus taught, that Reformation was insufficient to bring back both all truth and to restore of itself the power and authority to act in His name.

▪    I believe that what was required to restore the pure unadulterated truths of the Savior and His power and authority, as was predicted in scripture, was a “restoration.” This restoration started in 1820, through Joseph Smith, who prayed to know where such truth and God’s authority to administer the gospel existed.

▪   I believe that we existed before before this life as spirit children of God. I believe that there are 3 parts or phases of our existence: a pre-mortal, mortal, and post-mortal or eternal life.

▪   I believe that a hunger forMormon Prayer our eternal home, for our purpose, for a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ, is within each of us.  I believe that our destiny is divine, should we seek God and find Him and the path back to Him.

▪    I believe we are both body and spirit, and that blend constitutes our soul.

▪   I believe our spirit can inherently receive truth since it comes to us by the Holy Spirit who speaks to our spirit.

▪   I believe that our body and spirit separate at death, but the spirit lives on and will be reunited with a perfect immortal body in the resurrection.

▪   I believe that resurrection is free for all, but that the highest degree of glory, as described by the Apostle Paul, or exaltation, is reserved for those who willingly adhere to ordinances or covenant-making processes. The most common of these ordinances are baptism, and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, but there are additional ordinances that endow us with power and draw us nearer and nearer to God.

▪    I believe that the highest ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ are those performed in holy temples (some may know them as LDS Temples or Mormon temples). This includes the ordinance of eternal marriage. I believe family relationships are intended to last forever and not just until death.

▪    I believe in The Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price, all holy books of God’s instructions, ancient and modern scripture inspired and recorded as teachings from a loving God, and handbook of instruction for each of us personally in our day.

▪   I believe that the heavens are not silent, that a perfect Heavenly Father and Mother exist and that God, our Father, and His Son continue to speak to us and reveal their wills for our lives.  I believe that happiness comes as we are aligned to that divine will, and that their will is perfect and their design loving and good.

▪    I believe that there are living apostles on earth today!

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