What I Believe, Part 2


▪    I believe that, as in ancient times, there are living prophets in our day, and that President Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today whom God has ordained to be His mouthpiece to guide each of us and this generation.

▪    I believe that men and women are co-equal in God’s plan.  I believe that a matriarch and patriarch are equal partners within marriage, the family, community, and Church, with commensurate and complementary responsibilities and equal abilities to influence and build the kingdom of God, with equal access to a knowledge of God and every spiritual and gift and blessing He has to offer.

▪    I believe that the true value and nature of women and womanhood as well as woman’s divine organization has been restored to the earth.  The women’s organization is known as Relief Society and we believe it is the only “divinely made, divinely instituted and divinely ordained” organization of its kind in the world.

▪   I believe in the Ten Commandments.

▪   I believe in paying an honest and full tithe, or ten percent of our increase, as well as other offerings to help the poor and the needy.

▪   I believe in striving for excellence and virtue in all things and believe in receiving as much education as we can in this life to help us to serve our families, friends, Church, communities, nation, and world.

▪   I believe in fidelity before and during marriage.

▪    I believe in taking the gospel of Jesus Jesus Christ MormonChrist to the world, as ordained by Him.  I believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution to the world’s and to individual’s problems and pain, and that the Savior’s Atonement can heal and change anyone who comes unto Him in faith.

▪    I believe in not taking into our bodies things that would defile or harm them including alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and stimulants. (You may hear this referred to as the” Word of Wisdom.”)

▪    I believe that suffering has a purpose and that it can have a sanctifying influence on us if we allow God to help us through it.   I believe we came here to earth to be tested and tried.

▪   I believe that moral agency–the ability to choose good from evil–is fundamental to God’s plan and must exist in order to for us to progress as individuals.

▪   I believe that Satan is real and that he chose to rebel against God’s plan for our eternal welfare and is a disembodied personage, not just a symbol of evil.

▪   I believe that The Savior has overcome and ultimately triumphed over all evil, and that the outcome of every difficulty will be worked for good as the landscape of our eternal lives unfold, as we accept Jesus Christ, and strive to follow Him.

▪    I believe that God the Father is inherently and totally good, perfect, just, loving, merciful, just, and true to His word and His promises or He would not be God.

▪    I believe evidences of God are everywhere to be found and that He is a rewarder and revealer of Himself to those who diligently seek to know Him.  I believe those who ask if He exists with pure intent and willingness to follow His will, will find Him, and feel His personal love guidance, and signature on their lives.

▪   I believe we are created in God’s image. I believe that God is personal, real, and close–the Savior likewise–and that they are neither fictional nor amorphous intelligences, nor optional Beings to consider.

▪   I believe each of us has an eternal gender and unique gifts and divine mission and destiny, and that each of us came to earth bringing with us some talents already developed before this life, and were prepared for our work and mission here.

▪   I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and Life, and that He embodies all truth.  I do believe, though, that all who live according to the light they have will be given greater light or knowledge until they come to a fullness of truth, the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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