Karen shares ‘the rest of her story’–how her conversion from agnostic to believer in Jesus Christ, from wanderer to Spirit-won Christian, led her to a quest for Christ’s true Church. She realized that not all churches are made equal, though faith-filled wonderful people are found among all faiths. She summarizes here the Biblical truths that propelled her forward in that search for the Savior’s living Church on earth.

Coming to Christ’s Church

And so I started reading this brochure and I’m going down it, and I started to read first of all that Latter-day Saints, or “Mormons” as they’re nicknamed, believed that you can become perfect even as God is perfect; well, I had just read that in the New Testament, so that resonated. I read there’s a code of health called the Word of Wisdom, that Mormon’s believe, which was being ridiculed in the brochure but in my mind I was thinking I already know there’s a connection between how I feel spiritually and how I feel physically—it makes sense to me there would be a code of health in God’s true church; so that resonated. The third thing was that there’s more revelation. Mormon’s believe that God still speaks! Well, I knew that was true because the Savior continued to speak to his Apostles and said He had more to share that they were not ready to bear. So again, that and much more came across to me as the truth and the superfluous negative claims of the brochure were irrelevant to me.

So I was really peaked, my interest was peaked, my desire was peaked, but I didn’t really know anything about Mormons other than Donny and Marie Osmond, honestly, and that was the only flash that I’d had, and I thought how am I going to find out more. I read the fine print in the brochure, and I read that there was something called the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants, so I did the only thing I knew I could do and that was to go on a hunt through the libraries of Philadelphia for one of those books, which I did. I went around several libraries until finally I came to one small library
in Huntington Valley and found a Book of Mormon. Before I found the Book of Mormon, I found a brochure on the purpose of life, and someday I’ll kiss the person who put it there, but I found this brochure and I opened up this brochureJesus-Christ-mormon—I can still see it in my mind’s eyes, as I’m sitting there in the library and I read that we lived before this life and that we came here to be tested and tried, to rekindle that faith, to gain a body and have experiences. I read about the Spirit World, and where we go after death, and the fact that we will have gloried eternal immortal bodies after this life. I read through about this whole Plan of Salvation, and I recognized it immediately as truth, as familiar, as what I’d been looking for, for 25 years.

And so I share this story because I don’t want you to look for as long as I had to look, or if you’re even older than I am, it’s never too late to look, the answers are there. And there are easier ways to find it than perhaps the way that I found it. But I am grateful for the way that I did find it because I knew it was true and I was electrified by those truths. So then I took the Book of Mormon and a half-gallon of ice cream, and I went home, and I skimmed both of those through the night. And as I read the Book of Mormon I knew that it was divine revelation, that it was additional revelation from God, that it was a second witness of the Bible. I didn’t understand everything I read on that first reading, don’t get me wrong, and I had a list of questions that I was ready to ask, but I knew that it was true. I had read parts of the Koran, I had read other Biblical texts, so this was not my first exposure to something outside the Cannon, but this was the first thing that I knew was part of God’s full cannon, and so the next thing I did, actually, was to try and contact the Church. So I had to go get the phonebook, it was pre-Google days, so I opened the phone book and I looked up Mormons, and I saw See the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That hit me like a bolt of lightening, I thought, “I have been to churches called in everybody else’s name, of course the Lord would reserve His name for the name of His church.” And in a way that was another mini-witness to me that I was headed in the right direction. I found the number, I called the church, I reached a family from Australia whom I still love to this day, the Lovelands.

I told them about my quest and about how I came upon the Book of Mormon, and all of that, and they invited me over to meet the missionaries. At that time I thought, Oh, missionaries…” I didn’t know if they wore black robes, and had long beards. I didn’t know what the missionaries looked like—and no, they don’t look like that! I would encourage you to meet with them; they’re those called of God, they’re young men and women who serve around the world. But at that point I didn’t know who those representatives were and I said “No, the Spirit’s teaching me just fine, please just send me a of the Doctrine & Covenants,” which they sent to me, and again I have more questions. Ultimately I did meet this family, I met the missionaries who then taught me the fullness of the Gospel, and I joined the Church and was baptized. And so I went from that little girl at the top of the stairs, living on a spiritual fare of milk and toast to one who has felt like she’s feasted at the Lord’s table. I just want to share that joy with others. I just want other people to know, especially the up and coming generation, those who are out there spiritually seeking right now, who’ve left maybe the faith of your fathers, or who have been disheartened maybe by what you have learned previously, and don’t know where to go for truth. I’m here to say that you too can move from agnostic to believe as I have.

I love the Savior, I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He colors my world, He is very close, He delights in delighting each of us and He is very, very real. I am a witness of Him, and I look forward to getting you know you more and sharing any questions that you might have about anything that I’ve shared here. I leave that with you until next time. God bless you in your journey.

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